Funny Fabric Holly Smoke "Joker"

Født 6.8.2006

Opdrætter: Tuija Johansson

Ejer: Anja Heinze & Irene Skovgaard


Grandarents  Great-Grandparents  Great-Great-Grandparents 
AM CH Holly's Frozen Tundra (G)

CH RC Sassilies (G) BISS AM CH Kimba of Artic Brite (G) BISS NAT'L AM CH Sassillie's Change of Heart (G)
AM CH Artic Brite's C C Rider (G)
AM CH Crizta's One Step Beyond (G) BISS AM CH Wolf River's Drumlin (N)
AM CH Crizta's Capri of Bakari (G)
AM & MX & INT'L CH Holly's Czerina Eca Skela, CGC, HIC (F) AM & MX & INT'L CH Holly's Son of Citabria, TT, CGC, HIC (G) CH Snowstar Twas Brillig (F)
Holly's Citabria Noel (G)
Weisland's Czerina Taiga, CGC (E) BIS, BISS, AM & MX & INT'L CH Sunburst's Torch of Liberty (E)
CH Samkita's Taiga of Weisland (F)
FIN CH Funny Fabric Takoda Blue Ice C

Funny Fabric Whopee Wedidit A
BISS AM CH Moonsong's Quintsns O'Whytewynd* AM CH WhyteWynd's King of Currumpaw*
AM CH Magic Mist's Crescent Moon*
INT & FIN & S & EST V CH FINJW-00 NORD W-03 Funny Fabric Ima Spitfire A BISS AM CH Moonlighter's Grandstander*, ROMC, ROMP, ROMX
FIN CH Funny Fabric Mean Machine B
FIN CH White Legend Fruit Loop B AM & INT & NAT &
UKC GRAND CH Samkota’s Sabre Of White Gold*, HIC
AM CH Risuko’s Joi of SnoWonder*, ROMC
AM CH Articross Samkota Escapade*
INT & FIN & SWE & NORW & EST CH JWW-98 Funny Fabric Space Madness B FIN CH Sam Sirius Armadillon B
FIN CH Funny Fabric Moulin Rouge B